Environmentally Conscious Civil engineering

Melton Engineering Services Austin (MESA Engineering) was founded on Texas Independence, Day 2001 (March 2). Bruce Melton, its president, has 30 years of experience as a civil engineer in Central Texas and Austin.

MESA is a very small engineering firm. We have the time and motivation to rapidly meet the needs of our clients. Our overhead is low and so are our rates and we have time to help neighbors in your community with their engineering needs.

We have experience with projects big and small: from 100-year flood design on rivers and streams in Central Texas to modeling for lakes with watersheds of tens of thousands of acres. We have done research on stormwater treatment and coordinated policy with environmental regulatory agencies across the region and state. We have designed and permitted site work for multi-thousand foot-long marinas, shopping malls, housing developments, restaurants, hotels, apartments and office buildings as well as designing and permitting roads and utilities, stormwater detention and water and wastewater transmission and conveyance infrastructure and stormwater pollution treatment. We have designed and built new urbanism densification projects and low cost housing and each of these projects.

Our most cherished clients have been homeowners and neighborhood associations. It is the pleasure of MESA Engineering to offer civil engineering and consulting services to these clients at affordable rates.

Community Much of our work with transportation, stormwater quality, and critical environmental areas has been for community organizations. We provide our services proudly at little or no charge and honor the men and women who serve their communities.

Our office is in Austin. We have worked in almost every county in the region. And we can help you with your professional engineering needs.

Bruce Melton PE