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Affordable Homeowner Flood Prevention Engineering

Our specialty is residential flooding. We still do marinas and urban densification projects, entitlements, subdivisions and site plans, but we focus on residential flooding because this is a poorly served niche in the engineering business. These very small engineering projects simply have very little motivation in the industry. We are small, agile and motivated to help the community and we can efficiently and rapidly meet your needs.

Our rates: We have three tiers of rates. Standard rate is $500, advanced is $1,000 and Exceptional is $1,500 and up. For land development projects, our rates begin at $100 per hour.

If you have flooding problems, we can help. We provide standard engineering solutions, not landscape concept inspired attempts at flood control. Some of our best projects have been rework jobs to fix what other engineers have failed to fix. Forensic engineering is key. Deciphering what is actually happening with the flooding issue were are investigating is critical to determining what the solution is or why the previous solution(s) has not worked. And many times, what is most important is that we must address what climate change has done and will continue to do: create more intense rainfall events.

Melton is a climate science expert. The Climate Change Now Initiative (the Initiative) was a part of Melton Engineering Services Austin for 9 years. Melton is the CEO of the Initiative and it’s principal writer, researcher and filmmaker. We know for certain that climate change will increase the intensity of rainfall events, and in many areas we can show that this increase has already occurred. This means that bigger, larger flood producing rainfall events will happen more often in most areas. Austin appears to be no exception.

Engineers in general are not prone to believe climate science. The new field of Global Warming Psychology discusses counter intuitive things like this in great death. This “phenomena” is also closely associated with the similar phenomena that shows that even our broadcast meteorologists have little better understanding of climate change than the general public. Climate science is simply not a weather thing, it’s a climate thing and this confusion is one of the main reasons why we are in a great deal of trouble with climate change. You can find out more about Global Warming Psychology and the leading edge of climate science at the Initiative’s website http//www.ClimateDiscovery.com.

Flood engineering today must absolutely take into consideration current and future climate change. We design our work to last for a lifetime. Traditional engineering does not address climate change even though changes have already begun. Projected increases in rainfall rates are likewise, simply not addressed in traditional land development civil engineering. If climate change is not taken into consideration with your flood design, you are at risk.

So that you do not flood again, our experience in the professional evaluation of climate science literature has left us well prepared to address current and future changes in rainfall as they affect your project.