Site Development for a New Age

Some call it gentrification. Some call it urban renewal, or redevelopment. Back in the day we called it urban infill. It’s the hottest thing since the nuevo-craftsman suburb. “Burbs” however are passe. Urban living rules.

The newest affordable product in urbania is the mini-condo. These 400 to 800 square foot units may be small by contemporary standards, but their affordability is obvious; their environmental significance manifest. Their size is not all that different from residential units in the old days either and they embody the new frugality of the 21st century.

Their environmental sensibility comes by definition. No car required. Fewer square feet to heat and cool. Less space to accumulate. MESA’site development for these “new ubanization” urban infill redevelopment projects products go one (or two) further.

We were the first to put underground stormwater quality treatment in a new urbanization infill project. This cost effective solution utilizes an Ausitn Sand Filter installed under arched geometric shells with parking and driveways on top. Now we introduce TxDOT’s permeable friction course to enhance stormwater treatment in paved areas. This technology has shown to have treatment characteristics similar to the Austin Sand Filter.

The ability to pioneer stormwater treatment comes directly from Bruce Melton’s primary research in stormwater treatment (see here). By understanding the technology as it emerges, we can better represent those technologies to governmental authorities that regulate the environmental protection aspects of land development.

Another of the treacherous development paths that we can follow is the entitlement/zoning/land use maze. Leading edge communities often have the most stringent and complicated development regulations and Austin as sharp an edge as any. For 30 years, we have Melton has not only been following these criteria, but he helped develop those criteria as well.

You can see a list of significant projects here. This is nowhere near the entire list, but a good representation of the whole.