Environmental Services

Our motto is Environmentally Conscious Civil Engineering. With 30 years of experience in Austin specializing in critical environmental issues, we are ready to evaluate your environmental issue.

Creeks, ponds, lakes, cliffs, rivers, springs, caves, plants, ecosystem restoration, endangered birds and cave invertebrates, wetlands, artificial wetlands, riparian areas, the Edwards Aquifer; conservation and development services available.

Our principal has served on the Austin Region Sierra Club Executive and Conservation Committees since 2010 and since last January he has served on Sierra Club’s Lone Star Chapter Executive Committee where he was named Sierra Club’s Texas State Climate Change Chair. His environmentally focus matured at the Lower Colorado River Authority’s Environmental Program between 1990 and 1996.

Our specialty is nonpoint source water pollution. Nonpoint source water pollution is nothing but stormwater runoff. Wherever stormwater runs off from any kind of development whatsoever, it has pollution associated with it; even from our roofs (atmospheric deposition).

We offer rainwater harvesting design, noise studies, Integrated Pest Management Plans and artificial wetlands to treat stormwater pollution and create wetland habitat. We can take your wastewater and turn it into a viable clean water resource at the heart of a wetland habitat as well. We can help with endangered species issues both of the flying, toad and or, of the cave invertebrate variety.

The Edwards Aquifer has long been a focus of our outreach efforts. We evaluate the most recent academic literature and create outreach to help the public and our leaders understand so that appropriate policy can be identified.

Our principal was one of a few that developed native grass and plant revegetation standards in the early 1990s With TxDOT, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and the City of Austin.  The homes that Melton Engineering and Homebuilders builds are 4-Star Green builder rated.

Streambank vegetation and erosion control were a specialty of Melton’s at the Lower Colorado River Authority. Forest health issues, drought and the lakes and beach erosion because of sea level rise are our climate specialties.

We also have the added benefit that our Principal is the CEO of the Climate Change Now Initiative (link). This Initiative has produced over 400 reports on the academic climate literature, two documentaries a book and over 50 articles in the popular press.