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Increasing Residential Flooding

We provide affordable residential engineering services to help prevent home flooding in the Austin/Central Texas region. Did you know that every year, the risk of your home flooding increases? Trees grow up between homes and their roots push soil up to block flow paths, flowerbeds get built, patios are added, backyards erode and sediment builds up against homes. Houses actually sinks because of shrink/swell clays; all of these things contribute to the risk of flooding over time.

Now you home has flooded, your floors and more are ruined and you don’t know what to do. Call Melton Engineering. We can’t bring your flooded possessions back, we don’t help with insurance but, but we can keep your home from flooding again. Our services are designed to be affordable. We are small efficient firm that can provide individualized care to home owners and small businesses. However, we are not just any engineering firm.

Austin is feeling the impacts from our changing climate, whether caused by man or not. Our Highland Lakes are nearing their lowest levels ever, inflows are at record lows, yet rainfall has increased. National Weather Service 30-year annual average rainfall is up 7 to 20 percent from Lake Travis to New Mexico (it is up 9 percent in Austin).

Of even more importance, the most extreme one percent of rainfall events have become 16 percent bigger. So when those big storms come along, the risk of flooding is larger than ever.

This increase in rainfall and increase in the extremeness of big storms may be natural or it may be caused by man–it doesn’t matter to you, your home and your possessions.

Melton Engineering has been engineering residential flooding solutions for thirty years. You can see our rates and learn more about residential flooding at the link below.


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